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Ground Water Exploration and Development Planning

Well Rehabilitation Consulting

Well Yield Assessment

Before you can plan how to best use your ground water, you first must know the true yield of your well or well system. Periodic measurement of well yield can also help you identify and correct well maintenance issues before they become a major problem for your facility. We can help you plan and execute proper yield tests and interpret the results so that you can most effectively meet your water supply needs.

Additionally, hydrologic conditions at the time your well was installed and initially tested may be quite different than average or current conditions. Wells installed during abnormally wet years will usually not have as high an average yield as when they were initially tested. Testing your well yield when conditions are different than at installation will give you a much better indication on your well’s average yield. The time to find out your well’s yield is adversely impacted by drought conditions is not when it ceases to supply your needs.

Well Interference Assessment and Abatement

General Consultations